Is the data secured?

Yes. Security is extremely important and has been configured into the FolderWave offerings at multiple levels. We have highly secure facilities and infrastructure that is constantly monitored and use multiple technologies for encryption, secure…

We are a small school, is it too expensive for us?

No. The per-case pricing allows the cost to scale up and down based on your institution's size.

How do you determine the Return on Investment (ROI)?

FolderWave has developed an extensive potential ROI assessment program. It is sourced with data provided by end users and has proven to be quite accurate. Most institutions have seen an ROI in as little as 18 months.

Is there a charge for upgrades and enhancements?

No, the per-case fee on an annual basis entitles you to all maintenance, upgrades and updates to the solution.

How are your solutions and services priced?

We typically charge a small up-front fee to provide customization implementation, integration, and training. This includes a detailed analysis of your business process. We then bill on an annual per case fee which is determined after a review…

How do you integrate with back end systems?

FolderWave minimizes the implementation effort and the impact on your IT shop while extending the life of valuable legacy systems. We do this by providing an interface strategy that complies as closely as possible with the native language of…

What have your customers seen as the key benefits of your solution?

FolderWave solutions, implemented in key areas at highly prestigious institutions, have addressed and significantly improved processes and demonstrated value in a tangible way by: Increasing FTE capacity by eliminating high volume paper…

Is your product Cloud-based?

FolderWave's Technology, applications, and services are entirely web-based which allows us the ability to offer it as a service. With our cloud-based infrastructure, we can host our solutions and create specific environments for different customers.…

There are lots of document management companies out there, how are you different?

We help you manage the process and eliminate the capital equipment and paper intensive processes from your environment. Typical imaging companies sell you a toolkit and some software for scanning, indexing and viewing. You not only have to buy…

What does FolderWave's complete business process include?

Our complete process includes everything from document and data management through system integration and your specific workflow. We also provide installation, training and updates.